Watch WWF Attitude Era (Year 2001)

Watch the entire Attitude Era (Year 2001) HD. It has all the RAW episodes and PPVs full shows free online in 720p HD quality from WWE Network. Each date is a full episode of RAW, Smackdown or PPV.


You can download these videos directly with and stream it on your computer or phone/tablet. Click here for the tutorial.

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Dailymotion auto rejects most of these videos and doesn’t let you upload full shows so I could only upload them on Openload.

RAW 2001


1/1/01 1/8/01 1/15/01 1/22/01 1/29/01


2/5/01 2/12/01 2/19/01 2/26/01


3/5/01 3/12/01 3/19/01 3/26/01


4/2/01 4/9/01 4/16/01 4/23/01 4/30/01


5/7/01 5/14/01 5/21/01 5/28/01


6/4/01 6/11/01 6/18/01 6/25/01


7/2/01 7/9/01 7/16/01 7/23/01 7/30/01


8/6/01 8/13/01 8/20/01 8/27/01


9/3/01 9/10/01 9/17/01 9/24/01


10/1/01 10/8/01 10/15/01 10/22/01 10/29/01


11/5/01 11/12/01 11/19/01 11/26/01


12/3/01 12/10/01 12/17/01 12/24/01 12/31/01


Smackdown 2001


1/4/01 1/11/01 1/18/01 1/25/01


2/1/01 2/8/01 2/15/01 2/22/01


3/1/01 3/8/01 3/15/01 3/22/01 3/29/01


4/5/01 4/12/01 4/19/01 4/26/01


5/3/01 5/10/01 5/17/01 5/24/01 5/31/01


6/7/01 6/14/01 6/21/01 6/28/01


7/5/01 7/12/01 7/19/01 7/26/01


8/2/01 8/9/01 8/16/01 8/23/01 8/30/01


9/4/01 9/13/01 9/20/01 9/27/01


10/4/01 10/11/01 10/18/01 10/25/01


11/1/01 11/8/01 11/15/01 11/22/01 11/29/01


12/6/01 12/13/01 12/20/01 12/27/01


Pay-Per-View 2001

1/21/01 Royal Rumble

2/25/01 No Way Out

4/1/01 Wrestlemania 17

4/29/01 Backlash

5/5/01 Insurrextion

5/20/01 Judgement Day

6/24/01 King of the Ring

7/22/01 Invasion

8/19/01 SummerSlam

9/23/01 Unforgiven

10/21/01 No Mercy

11/3/01 Rebellion

11/19/01 Survivor Series

12/9/01 Vengeance


Archives, Attitude Era

  • Jericholic

    I’m getting “Operation timed out” on all of the videos.. Is there a fix to this?

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    There is an error in the smackdown 12-27-01 fileit doesn’t load ad simply says error file locked, it seems to be a unique problem for only this file

  • SouthernBark

    ProfessorCheese First let me say, these videos are great and I appreciate all the work it took to upload all of them.  I am downloading all of them and I’m up to 2001.  All the videos that are split into parts give me the same “can’t create video code” error.  Is there a way to fix this? Thanks

  • JD2K15

    Is there any chance you can fix the “part 1/part 2” clips because I just get “Can’t create video code”. I know you can alternatively download them by using the actual movreel link but for the second Smackdown of January, there’s only a part 1.

  • antoniolara512

    JD2K15 how are you getting the actual movreel links for the two part videos???

  • JD2K15

    antoniolara512 JD2K15 Right click > “View page source” > Look for the movreel link and copy it into the address bar. (remove the /embed/ bit to access the download page)

    Password is “” without the quotation marks.

  • Vancouver_Leafs

    Any chance you will reupload to not movreel? Im a chromebook user, and cant watch

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    JD2K15 antoniolara512 
    thank you so much!! I was afraid I would have to go without being able to watch these two part episodes.

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    Much appreciated.

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    None of these RAW/SMD/PPV are working! Im trying to watch RAW 8/9/99
    and from the moment i click (Close Ad and Watch as Free User) the DivX
    Web Player just appears blank. I tired and pressed the play button, the
    DivX Web Player would load for a few moment then it just says ( The DivX
    Web Player could not download the video. Please check your internet
    connection.) Now honestly my internet is working perfectly fine. Ive
    checked and all and still same result. Could you please fix this!!??
    Maybe re-upload the vids or upload them on Vodlocker or ShareRepo or
    something? Last couple of months ive been watching it on DivX perfectly
    fine and suddenly all of the vids just dont work. Could you please fix
    this!!! thanks! ProfessorCheese 
    Are the vids working here for anyone?

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