Watch Shine 14 10/25/13
Watch Shine 11 10/25/13 iPPV – October 25th 2013 Online – 10/25/13

I don’t have other Shine 12 or 13..


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3



  • MickieXMelissa


  • americandragon

    ¡Thank you so much for this prof!
    A request: ¿Can you upload FWE Open Weight Grandprix? Was a month ago.

    • ProfessorCheese

      Still hasn’t been released for download yet. I plan on uploading that once it’s available.

      • americandragon

        Hmm… I understand! It’s ok, thanks for your work 🙂

      • ShineWrestling

        Can You Start Posting Shine Again PLEASE AND THANK YOU! :*

        • Jim Mills

          Indeed Post more shine wrestling video downloads
          What happened to shine 14 I never got to see it Please bring it back

      • The Brotherhood

        Just a simple question, but when are you going to upload Shine 16 and Shine 17?

  • ivan dadiiski

    upload this again

  • siege.engine

    all links are dead. please upload again.

  • americandragon

    Links are down 🙁

  • RJ Punk

    Please upload again! It’s down!

  • Mel

    Possible to upload again?
    Thanks hon

  • Lance

    Will you be posting Shine 16 soon?

  • keith

    Have Shine 16 been uploaded?

  • Jim Mills

    How bout some WSU ippvs