Watch WWE NXT 11/20/13
Watch WWE NXT 11/20/13 – November 20th 2013 – 20/11/13


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Full Show

  • Bixby

    So many interesting characters on NXT these days, it’s almost as entertaining as the Paul Heyman GM days of Smackdown…The only thing they seriously have to improve is their choices of wrestler names!!. I get it WWE wants to be able to keep the copyrights, but do they have to create such generic names? They don’t need Doinks and Crushes, but what’s wrong with a Jake ”the snake” Roberts? A Greg ”the Hammer”? a Rowdy Roddy? Their women’s names are horrifically bland…

  • mikey

    Love the bo dallas slide show. Real fun.

    all around great matches.

    anyone else think Aiden English and Tyler Breeze could make a talented AND gorgeous tag team?

    • OverratedHeelIndyWrestler

      Hm, they’re quite different as far as their gimmicks go, I can’t see a reason off the top of my head for them to pair up.

  • Wes

    NXT suck’s as hell.

    • americandragon

      Pfff, NXT is better than the mostly RAW or Smackdown.

    • nxt suks


    • Tomee

      Have you even saw this week’s raw? It was a huge pile of garbage.

  • johan andres

    thanks bro

  • Wilhelm G

    the sound of this program is very low

    • FordOLoads

      I even plugged in speakers with max volume. still very low volume

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    Damn that backstage announcer is so damn beautiful. #Angel pon earth

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    Kassius Ohno for NXT Champion

  • Paul Petitfrere

    The new backstage announcer is hot

  • Kory McNaughton

    There was suppose to be jojo and Eva Maria vs Paige and Emma

  • Bass Wrestleberg

    Dailymotion links don’t work; Putlocker link has the beginning cut off and I have my speakers turned up to 100 and basically have to put my ear onto my computer to hear it. Please fix this.

    • ProfessorCheese

      Dailymotion link is working now. Had to reupload.