Watch WWE NXT 11/27/13
Watch WWE NXT 11/27/13 – November 27th 2013 – 27/11/13


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Full Show

  • Beau

    Just like the good ole PWG days

  • Jack

    when is oliver grey back??

    • Collin

      anybody know??

      • Phillip


  • Benny

    Wao nxt nxt nxt!

  • Trojann Go Perez

    wait I thought Chris hero returned to the indy circuit?.. or left

    • Dan Saint

      this was taped about 3 weeks ago

    • Bradley Falla

      He did, this wasn’t live and was taped a few weeks ago my friend.

  • johanpo

    thanks bro

    • Bradley Falla

      You’re welcome.

  • Bixby

    While I really like the opening theme song, some of the wrestlers within is a bit odd…Damien Sandow is still there? Big E and Bray Wyatt are now full-time on the main roster, they should probably be removed. Cesaro still shows up to work, so he’s ok. Bailey and Charlotte should be added. The Ascension should definitely be featured prominently. O’brien has been busting his ass for years, reward the guy!
    The great thing is that I look at each wrestler and can easily describe their character in my head (ex: Tyler Breeze= an evil Zoolander, Emma= bubblehead trendstarter wannabee)… Main roster, learn from this!!

    • Bradley Falla

      Cool comment, agreed.

    • LukeyWaka

      Somewhat true lol

  • Sami Zayn

    Sami Zayn stole the show again, wwe has sucked monkey balls for the past 7 years, but Sami Zayn is really good

    • Bradley Falla

      Sami/Generico is just pure class, cannot wait until he gets called up to the main roster, pure talent.

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    Hunico tattoos look awesome

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    Adrian Neville!!Adrian Neville!!Adrian Neville!!Adrian Neville!!

    • Bradley Falla


  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    Atleast some nxt matches are longer than WWE own.

    • Bradley Falla

      NXT is WWE?

      • OverratedHeelIndyWrestler

        You’ve got something wrong with you. He obviously means the main roster. NXT is not the main roster. Context clues. They help.

        • Bradley Falla

          Cool dude.

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    Adrian Neville vs Sami Zayn was absolutely awesome

    • Bradley Falla

      One of the great matches on WWE television in the past few months, awesome.

  • n/a

    is there an hd version?

  • Mikey

    Seeing Ohno is just depressing.

    • Bradley Falla

      Totally, he had so much potential as Ohno.

  • americandragon

    NXT > Raw, SD, ME, Supertars.

  • Tom

    Entertaining main event, some very unique gimmicks in nxt atm good to see and what’s up with paige challenging a main roster superstar and putting her title at stake? Match sounds good nonetheless despite and odd way it was made.

  • Immune To Butthurts

    Neville better take that title away from that delusional cheeseball.

  • FordOLoads

    dailymotion link copyright claim by wwe

    • ProfessorCheese

      It’s reuploaded now.

      • FordOLoads

        oh thanks!

  • FordOLoads

    sami looks like seth rogen.
    renee is so funny on commentary.

    I see they’ll feud regal with cesaro, and the latter has his tag partner swagger and manager zeb, maybe they’ll bring kassius ohno back to help regal then we’ll see cesaro vs. ohno match up in the future. nice.

    incredible, fast-paced, adrenaline-filled main event! wow, just WOW! Unbolievable!

  • LukeyWaka

    Things are just getting more interesting i say epic matches though this week on NXT 😮

  • LukeyWaka

    I remember a lot of guys from the early days on and they have come so far like they got over 500 and more comments now etc… when i first saw them they had like about 30 or something haha nice job guys