Watch WWE NXT 12/18/13
Watch WWE NXT 12/18/13 – Decembeer 18th 2013 – 18/12/13


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  • MarvinXXXSuko

    Wait Wait The Americans Wolves in WWE??? HEY EDDIE!!!!

    • Snow

      Wolves? You mean Pitbulls

    • Nicholas Hutley

      Still just in the trial period at the moment I believe.

    • Chadington

      That was taped awhile back, and they were on trial. They did impress people in the back so hopefully it leads to them getting contracts

      • #deathwish

        As far as I’m aware, they have. Both Eddie and Davey have officially said goodbye to Ring Of Honor, and soon to follow, other promotions; I expect to see Eddie have a final tour of Japan (GHC Heavyweight Title match against KENTA, I’ll guess) and to wrestle his final indy match in PWG. If they have signed, which I’m sure is the case, I give it ’til June that they’ve become NXT Tag Champs.

        • Chadington

          I hope the WWE don’t know Davey has been billed as modern Benoit, might put them off.

  • Immune To Butthurts

    Tell me I did not just see The Wolves on NXT and lose.

    • V? Vi?t Qu?ng Tr?ng

      At least they didn’t lose like no name wrestlers Goldberg has taken down during his streak

    • alberto

      That’s not all bad, both John Cena and Daniel Bryan lost on their debuts, and look at them now.

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    I just gotta love Paige

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    Lord they really put The American Wolves to loose for real

    • Bixby

      It’s been mentioned the Wolves got booked to lose to see how they would react, if they would have a bad reaction. They passed with flying colours apparently, and are going to put in more appearances… Sounds good to me…
      Put Sami Zayn on the main roster soon!! the first time out that WWE comes back to Montréal, he’ll be even more ridiculously over…Dare I hope, in say a year from now, a match pitting Zayn versus Daniel Bryan? the RAW after Wrestlemania? the cheers would be deafening!!

      • Bradley Falla

        Sami vs. Daniel is a great idea.

  • johanpo

    thanks bro

  • americandragon

    THE AMERICAN WOLVES! Hope to see this 2 in WWE in the future, they are great!

  • This episode of NXT was f’n awesome way better than anything WWE has put out lately cause i’m tired of Cena & Orton being shoved down my throat, I’m a fan of Cena but when he’s not in superman mode i am & Orton is a great wrestler but WWE needs to stop forcing him into the spotlight & just let Bryan have it cause it’s what the fans want!

  • danni

    who was the girl that was ringside with one of the wrestlers that had blonde and black hair?

    • themosayat

      there was no girl ringside to any wrestler in this episode O_o

      actually, there are no valets in NXT now except for Lana, who is Alexander Rusev’s manager. that girl that was talking to Kofi backstage.

      • Miles

        Yes there was.

    • Miles

      Summer Rae

  • #Slate

    The Americans Wolves in WWE

  • Denis Aznar

    Man I am enjoying NXT way more than a shitty monday night Raw! glad WWE are doing something right with NXT 😀