Watch WWE RAW 11/25/13

Watch WWE RAW 11/25/13 – November 25th 2013 – 11/25/13


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    Fuck no, The Wyatt’s kidnap Daniel Bryan. You being serious? Only reason why i watch WWE is for Daniel Bryan & CM Punk but overall mostly for Daniel Bryan. Tbh, I don’t wan’t John Cena going for the WWE Champion because he is a boring champion. I do like him but i’d rather Daniel Bryan chasing back for it, that was when WWE was fun to watch. It’s all about the WWE Champion nowadays, wish it was all about the World Heavyweight Champion and the others back in the days, you’d have a elimination chamber match for the Intercontinental Champion.

    • Bradley Falla

      Oh, the good old days, don’t make me cry!

      • YESYESYES!

        I know right, now the titles don’t mean jack now it’s all about the WWE Champion.

  • edgehead

    Randy beat cena many other times he can do it again.

    • Bradley Falla

      Sure can.

  • john cena fan

    john cena fans

    • Bradley Falla


  • 3:16

    Are we witnessing the classic rivalry of Orton vs Cena again which is title for title…probably not because Mr.Cena here is going to win ‘again’ and unify the titles.

  • 3:16

    Seriously Ziggler and Sandow are the best damn talents and they both deserve a title shot.

  • 3:16

    Brock Lesnar needs to return,kick Cena’s ass, win the unified title and show that ruthless aggression !!

  • ukfan!

    2002 brock lesner was 1st undisputed champ so your wrong!

    • Rahim Khan

      no chris jericho was the first undisputed champion when he beat stone cold and the rock at the same probaby missed so much in life.

  • bababa

    22:00 a greek sign

  • JabroniKicka

    Lol the people drinking and dancing when big e and mark henry comes xD