Watch WWE RAW 12/2/13

Watch WWE RAW 12/2/13 – December 2nd 2013 – 12/02/13


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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

  • Chadington

    This raw sums up the creative team in the WWE at the moment, stale.

  • NathanH 3:16

    Ok, lets face it. Cena will never be better than the lieks of Stone Cold or The Rock, he’s just an ass-kisser who used to be good when he wasn’t such a suck-up. He’s the worst ass-kisser around and I’m glad people like CM Punk put him in his place. You lot are idiots, ” OH, CENA BEAT THE ROCK, HE IS SO GOOD.” Who even cares? Cena beat The Rock to signify the new face of the WWE, which Cena doesn’t deserve, give it to someone who has the balls to pull off foreign moves and have a personality instead of “I am standing up to cancer, you can’t see me, herpy derpy.” I’ve seen walls with more personality and attitude.


    if you think about it cena is the biggest heel wwe has ever had. haha kindoff true if you think about it.

    for the grammar police out there. im from the netherlands

    also i am indeed 15 years old and only watch wwe for 2 years. but i have watched certain parts of the attidute era to say that pg is nothing compared to the attidute era.

    but hey thats just my opinion.

  • ali


  • ali

    John cena is the best in the world

  • LukeyWaka

    o-o Oh snap…..what just happend in here…..