Watch WWE Smackdown 11/29/13

Watch WWE Smackdown 11/29/13 – November 29th 2013 – 29/11/13

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  • pansterg13

    mou th spaei pou h shield panta xanei otan paizei me tous rhodes!oi rhodes einai eleina face!

  • kenny

    i’m interested to see brodus clay vs xavier woods at WM30
    i hope it would turn to an epic rivalry

    • Mario

      What? Are you kidding me? Brodus Clay doesn’t deserve to be at WM30. He is shit.
      Even Xavier Wodds.

  • marchie

    wow…. such a surprise that los matadores defeated 3MB in smackdown this week

  • john cena fan

    wooo I the the future of wwe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! john cena will become the wwe undisputed champion and then face tundertaker at wrestle mainea 30 and then he will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OnlyTwentyCharacters

    Lol, Titus O’niel just did a sick in JBL’s hat. Ewww. Not only that he dumped the hat on Michael Cole. He also did a sick on top of Zeb Coltor. That was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in the PG Era. (It was partly Vickie’s fault and partly Antonio’s)

  • ??? ???????

    i love cena but cm punk deafet john cena
    but i steel love them both

  • Cnyautofreak

    here’s what will happen at TLC, theyll do a 30 min TLC match, clib both sides of one ladder and steal each others titles and swap spots. they wont unify….

  • HeelMazi

    NO ! NO ! NO ! It’s not Daniel Bryan we want as a Heel , its CM PUNK ! The kids can keep Bryan i hate him !

  • Stone Cold 47

    Curtis who ?

  • Anon

    The beards can’t hide the fact that the guy is the sheep mask is Sloth and Bray Wyatt is Chunk from Goonies.

  • sean m0rPhEus

    I knew it. Evil brodus fay comes back. Check your boy tensai ahahaha! Brodus suuuucks! and so does flash funk errr munchkin urkel creed. Nobody cares.

  • sean m0rPhEus

    Excuse me!!!!!! 6 man tag match playa! No 12 man tag match playa! You dig!!! Excuse me!!!!!

  • ahmed samo


  • LukeyWaka

    This smackdown was pretty funny when Titus vomited all over everyone epescially Zeb XD like someone else said his best moment yet/ funniest moment