Watch WWE Smackdown 12/13/13

Watch WWE Smackdown 12/13/13 – December 13th 2013 – 13/12/13

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Part 1 Part 2

  • hhh

    i think non of them will win the championship and triple h will strip the title from them and make a tournament in royal rumble for one champion.

    yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!


  • TheBlo0dyDragon .

    can any one tell is that the real Sin Cara???????i think his not the real one and that one is a different person

    • chrissi calvert

      No its not the original Sin Cara. Its Hunico thats playing him

    • Bradley Falla

      It’s ya boy, Hunico!

  • chrissi calvert

    Neither Cena or Randy will leave as champ. HHH is gonna stroll down to the ring just as someone is about to win the match, announce a 3rd person and claim victory.

  • Rob Bull

    did i miss something or was ADR booked for 2 matches?

    • Rob Bull

      my mistake, i did miss the fact that it was showing a RAW match during smackdown

  • anjahla brown

    i love cena if you do to thumbs up and/or comment

  • Thomas Andrews

    In Part 1, you put the wrong Sin Cara match, somehow you added the slammy awards raw sin cara match half way in part 1.

  • The_Kliq_4_LyF3

    Yes Yes Yes about time WWE… They show Chris Benoit for Randy Orton first win World Heavyweight Champion At Summerslam 2004, well his legs & one arm but it’s something… They be bring him in from the past slow but surly

  • Makayla Layla`

    Honestly I don’t care who wins. I mean you have Cena the actual face of WWE yes he does the same stuff but so does Orton. John Cena I have respect for also Randy Orton but you never know Cena can be pretty brutal in TLC matches, & He very well could turn heel. But the thing is the match also could end in a draw. & since Randy hit CM Punk I wouldn’t be so sure if we don’t see him, Daniel Bryan, and all the others who have to listen to the authority run their mouths push their handpicked face of WWE off the ladder. Honestly, Cena is the most favored to win since Randy has striked a lot of blood with the roster. & Triple H very well could turn face again. We will just have to wait until Sunday too see.



  • the best


  • the best

    rko 4 ever

  • Mathias Landsheere

    O man, sunday at tlc the shield vs cm punk… this is going to be the greatest match ever. My 2 favourites in the wwe are the shield and cm punk. So exited for this match

  • the miz

    i want to bryan become the champ is here

  • Zachary Showalter

    For once i’m actually torn. I dislike Cena a lot. Because he’s bland, boring, not the greatest in the ring, and he’s been champion too much in only 10 years.

    However Orton is a great heel to the point where I actually dislike his character. When it comes to being a viewer and a fan, I don’t want a prick like him to be champion.

    As a mark, I am rooting for Orton.

    But as a WWE fan I want Cena to win.

    • Rest in peace, Warrior

      Orton also knows his character extremely well.

  • R


  • Courtney Lee

    Yaay! AJ won 🙂
    Dean’s voice on commentary is just …ohh…. The Shield are just ..ohh.. 😛 Roman’s spears I could literally put them on REPEAT!
    I am an avid Randy Orton fan too, but after what Triple H said, I don’t like his chances! Either John is gonna win or Randy is gonna win OR someone is going to interfear.

  • john cena biggest fan

    guys which wrld champion ship is better ?????? vote up for wwe champion ship or vote down for world champion ship

  • john cena biggest fan

    guys which wrld champion ship is better ?????? vote up for wwe champion ship or vote down for world champion ship