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  • #1 Cena Fan

    Even someone like Naomi has more talent in her A$$ than the Bella’s have in their whole bodies!


      bella twins are the best so you keep your big loud stinking mouth shot and you are a cena fan and cena´s girlfriend is bella so go fuck with someone else!!! BITCH

  • AG Sky

    WTH was JoJo once again? ._.’

  • chloé


  • mike

    I know I think JoJo has more talent than Eva in the ring because Eva sucked in her first match.

    • Courtney Lee

      I totally agree, all she did was stood there and looked pretty and to end the match she just rolled her opponent over! Do you call that a good move especially for your first?

    • Bradley Falla

      You can’t be any worse than Eva to be honest with you… Unless your Vincent.

  • unknown

    vote up for jojo
    vote down for eva

    • Bradley Falla

      Talking about JoJo… Where is she?

    • Best In The World

      eva cuz where the fuck has jojo gone?#

  • Courtney Lee

    John Cena is kinda like me! OCD!!!!!! I think that’s why I’ve convnced myself were a perfect match, but then Roman Reigns would have to be OCD freak too!

    • The_Kliq_4_LyF3

      You remind me of my ex with your OCD crap lols

      • Courtney Lee

        Haha! What can I say?!

      • Courtney Lee

        Hi The_Kliq_4_LyF3, I tried to message you saying thanks for Following me but it just kept saying error so I’ll say it now. Thanks for following me!! I’m following you too 🙂
        How do I add you as a freind on here? Help lol

        • The_Kliq_4_LyF3

          Thanks :)…. friend request I don’t know, I don’t think you can add people only follow people. I have the same problem aswell like uploading an avatar picture, messaging people & other stuff on here…

          • Courtney Lee

            Don’t worry i’ve added you!!! I Emailed the owener of website Professor Cheese and he gave me a link of list of the members on here and it said Add freind on the side so I did 😛 lol if you don’t know how to add me ask him for the link! 🙂

  • Guest

    Good to see Vincent aka Vinny want to become a professional wrestler

    • Bradley Falla

      He has no hope whatsoever.

    • ricodol74

      and as we have seen muscles doesn’t mean you have good physics. he just can’t cope

  • DJJ518

    Where is Ep 13 and 14?

    • ProfessorCheese

      This is the latest one. Next episode comes tomorrow.

  • HeelMazi

    i hate John Cena as a wrestler but i respect him for having his bitch in check .. cant have these bitches moving into the xrib fucking shit up . fuck she thought ?

  • LukeyWaka

    My first time watching this and it’s already finished for this year….i’ve missed so much :/

  • Sharz

    jimmy uso is sexy

  • WeakJoJo

    JOJO is a quiter … she is the weak link