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Watch WWE Total Divas S01E14 12/15/13 – December 15th, 2013 – Total Dias Episode 14

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  • Bixby

    LOL, Nikki Bella worked at Hooter’s!! 🙂

    • Courtney Lee

      I know right! 😀

    • lol

      so did Brie Bella

  • The_Kliq_4_LyF3

    Natalya & Stephanie hahahaha can’t stop laughing, Bryan & Bre lovely idea for a special lady & so romantic I love it… & John cena I kinda in that sitation what his went throw in his past & his futher…. can’t wait for the next season….

    • Courtney Lee

      Totally agree! 😀

  • lol

    At 15:03 : john cena, “cheers bitches”

  • Guest

    on wikipedia is says

    Melissa Camacho of Common Sense Media gave the show 2 stars out of 5.[28] Tom Conroy of Media Life Magazine said the show is uninteresting.[29] Tom Conroy of Media Life Magazine said of the show, “Total Divas feels real-ish. If the stars are doing any damage to their reputations, it’s that they appear to be too nice. That might make their fans happy, but viewers expecting a smackdown can and will go elsewhere.”[30] Jacob Stachowiak of Wrestle Enigma said Total Divas “wasn’t good by any stretch of the imagination but it wasn’t unwatchable. This series has now entered wrestling history and I can only hope that it doesn’t stain that same history with its existence.”[31] stated “Meet Your New Guilty Pleasure!”.[32] Eric Gargiulo of Camel Clutch Blog said “I tuned in to WWE Total Divas expecting to see a scripted reality show in the vein of Hogan Knows Best. Instead I got an interesting look behind the scenes of the WWE and its superstars more in the same vein as Beyond the Mat.”[33]

    What are yea apinions about this really???? 2 out 5 & it’s more like Beyond the Mat than Hogan knows best…

  • 1234

    no spoilers about tlc 2013 plzzz!!
    at least till tomorrow morning

  • lolx

    dis show gives me aids…. -_- my god…..
    dunno why im watching it tho…

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    If I was John Cena I wouldn’t want get married again for real nor would I want kids.

  • Courtney Lee

    What a way to end Season 1 of Total Divas:
    Even though I don’t think highly of Eva Marie I felt sorry for her when she took her Fiancee to see her family. I hate seeing people crying!
    Oh my god, the way Daniel proposed to Brie was soo romantic and sweet! Ahh that scenery is all a girl could ask for right? The woods, waterfall, then the in the forest! So beautiful!
    Well Nattie & Stephanie McMahon. If she never said to Steph ‘I’m not wearing any underwear right now, and I quit’. I would be soo scared to face Stephanie the next day haha 🙂

  • 777

    The bellas ain’t even hot.

    • lol

      you are officially gay

      • YESYESYES!

        He’s not gay for thinking that the Bella’s are not hot. People have a different style in women so fuck off you twat. So stop judging other peoples opinion.

      • YESYESYES!

        He’s not gay for thinking that the Bella’s are not hot. People have a different style in women so fuck off you twat. So stop judging other peoples opinion.

        • lol

          Shut the fuck up you butt munch ever heard of a joke, your saying that I’m judging his opinion although you saying that is judging my opinion you dumb fuck.

  • cmpunkfan4life

    WOW,Nikki Bella Has The Same Sneakers That I Have!

  • magiemo

    that tattoo on eva’s bf arm for sure not her name in Arabic its says ya na ta or something like that

    • rham

      i think her real name is Natalie

  • anjahla brown

    where is total divas episode 15 at

  • Aeysha Leonie Sabrina Patterso

    When does tha nex season start ppl?

    • JAppleton CPT Digz

      march 2014

    • _Xtreme_

      March 16 2014: Tonight At 9:00ET

  • punk4life

    Total Dias….

  • _Xtreme_

    Will you upload the season 2 premiere tonight? 🙂

  • Total diva

    When will the new episode be on here ?

  • Will

    Content removed 🙁

  • imuin

    Both video’s have been removed 🙁